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The SECCO Faecal Managment System consists of a silicone catheter tube with inflation cuff and irrigation port, 1500ml collection bag containing a super absorbent pad, mounting plate with attachment strap and 45ml syringe. The catheter tube is constructed of silicone material. The low pressure retention cuff, once inflated, retains the device in the rectum. Faecal material is diverted into the silicone drainage tube, which provides a route for the faecal matter to pass into the collection bag. The collection bag contains a super absorbent pad which absorbs liquid faeces creating a semi-solid gel for greater ease of transport and disposal.

Along the drainage tube are two lumens with individual access ports. The white inflation port is used to inflate and deflate the retention cuff, and the blue irrigation port is used to add water to flush and irrigate the catheter tube.

Benefits for Patients & Carers

Reduces skin breakdown and development of pressure ulcers

Helps prevent spread of infection for patients and staff

Less risk of complications that can extend length of hospital stay

Protects wounds, surgical sites, and burns

Controls odour and improves patient comfort

Reduces the cost of managing faecal incontinence

Restores patient dignity

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Secco FMS Product Description

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