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About Secco FMS
Superabsorbent Technology

Secco is the only faecal management system with superabsorbent technology to bind contaminated liquid stool to help prevent infectious spills or splashes during collection, maintenance and disposal.


The following articles provide further information on the potential risk of infection arising from accidental spillages and poor hygiene

Potential Compromise of Hospital Hygiene by Clinical Waste Carts, J.I.Blenkham (73k)
CG1 Standard Infection Prevention Guidelines v4 March 2013 (601k)

Reduce the risk of C. difficile infection

Spores formed by C. difficile are resistant to most routine cleaning methods and can remain viable outside of the human body for very long periods of time.

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Secco FMS Product Description

About the Secco FMS Superabsorbent Technology

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